DIY: soap dispenser


I wanted to have a soap dispenser alike the stylish ones, that are trendy for the moment. That is, with a brown bottle. But those are quite expansive (it stays a simple object and I did not want to spend money on it). So I had an idea. Simple, but it works!

2I bought an ensemble of 4 drinks, in colored bottles by ikea. One was brown (be careful to chose a drink contained in a brown bottle, an not a brown liquid in a transparent packaging!). You need a soap spender (from the supermarket, mostly for less than 1euro) with a dispenser-head. To  know if the dispenser-head is compatible with the new bottle, try to screw the stopper of the bottle on the old plastic spender. If it works, it is all good! Also check that the tube of the head reaches the bottom of the bottle.

Clean the new bottle, fill it with soap, screw the head on it and enjoy!


Photo credit: Herthings. Those pictures are mine, so please respect my property and link the photos to this website if you want to use it.



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