DIY: Geo notebook

2014-08-30 19.22.33


This do it yourself tutorial is really easy to follow, but you have to be patient: every step has to be executed precisely. On the precision will depend the quality of the result!

You need:

  • nice gift paper with geometric pattern (mine comes from here)
  • a piece of thin cardboard (I use the packaging of a Müsli! )
  • liquid glue and double sided sticking tape
  • a piece of elastic, the color of it should match the color of the gift paper
  • a cutter and a metallic ruler
  • about 15 blank paper sheets
  • a sewing needle / thread

How to :

2014-08-30 18.12.27

Cut the paper sheets in the middle. Stack all the cut paper sheets and mark where you will sew them together. Drill holes with the needle, sew the sheets. Do not cut the thread then, let the needle hang : you will need to sew the sheets to the inner cover of the notebook.

2014-08-30 18.28.13

Use the cut sheets to mark the cardboard all around. Let about 5 mm at the ends, so when you will close the notebook the sheets are not longer than the cover. Cut the cardboard; this piece is the outer cover of the notebook.

2014-08-30 18.33.44

Use it as a mask to mark on the left cardboard the dimensions of the inner cover: cut about 3mm shorter at the longer sides of the cover, and 5mm shorter at the shorter sides. So the inner cover it smaller than the outer cover.

Sew the assembled paper sheets to the inner cover. (Careful: the inner cover is smaller than the sheets, so center it!)

2014-08-30 18.40.00

Cut a piece of gift paper, about 1,5cm larger than the outer cover, at each side.

2014-08-30 18.48.27

Spread homogeneously liquid glue on one side of the cardboard. Glue the patterned paper on it: be careful to the pattern (the geometric pattern must be straight compared to the sides of the cardboard piece) and glue it one the folded cardboard. Otherwise you will not be able to close the notebook!!

Then cut the edges of the patterned paper as shown here.

2014-08-30 18.53.26


Stick double sided tape at the very edge of the cardboard, fold and stick the patterned paper on it.

2014-08-30 18.56.41

Cut 2 tiny openings in the cover, and place the elastic in it. Glue the ands of it on the cardboard side.

2014-08-30 19.03.49

Now glue the inner cover in the outer cover. Be careful to glue them together, so the notebook can still be opened and closed! Let dry.

2014-08-30 19.19.28 2014-08-30 19.20.29


Photo credits: Herthings. Please respect my property and link the pictures to this webpage if you use it elsewhere.




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