How to eat a breton artichoke

artichaudscrusSince I am in Brittany for the summer holidays, I could not resist to show one of the specialities of this lovely region: artichokes. You can buy it at the piece at the supermarket, one per person is in average a good quantity. My mum cooks it 30min in the pressure cooker. One eats it cold with some vinaigrette.all

  1. Place your fork under the edge of your plate, so the plate is sloping and the vinaigrette does not scatter over the whole plate.  Then eat the soft part of each petal of the artichoke, with a bit of vinaigrette.
  2. When you arrive to the thinnest petals, you can eat them together at once.
  3. Under the petals, you will discover the heart of the artichoke: the flower has some “hair” that you will have to lay aside, so you can eat the flesh underneath (after eliminating the fibers).

It looks quite complicated but I can ensure you, it is worth a try!


Photo credits: Herthings (please cite this website as source for the images)


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