Cork, a natural material with potential


Nowadays, sustainability and originality are the things people want: the first because we get conscious our planet needs some help in the degradation process we started and the second because, thanks to globalization, we all have access to the same things (mostly in a good way) but we lose our identity in the mass. According to these arguments, some designer and engineers go back to the roots by using natural materials in their work. Cork is one of these natural materials. Produced in a sustainable way, it has many interesting characteristics. Cork is the bark of a specific tree that needs a very few among of water to grow.This bark is spontaneously regenerated and removing the bark do not damage the tree. It is an excellent phonic insulator and it produces a sort of glue if it is heated under a certain pressure: it allows the fabrication of slabs/tiles, stable enough for covering house floors…. So you understood it, it opens A LOT of possibilities!

Here a some uses of cork I know: the following items and objects are perfectly optimized for the house or even wearing!image1

1 /2 / 3 / 4

1: Pendent lamps
2: sound insulation for the house
3: nike sneakers
4: storage boxes made of glass and cork


5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

5: sound insulation for the house
6: Chanel bag made of cork and leather
7: table and tea cups, made of cork, ceramic and wood
8: stool
9: Ipad case

Would you adopt cork for the everyday use? Or for smoothing else that just close a bottle of wine?

Photo credits: click on the numbers corresponding to the picture to reach the source website. Arrangement: Herthings


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