Kaffeeklatsch time in Münster

Sometimes, as all human beings, one needs to take a break. At the week-end we do not always take the opportunity to enjoy a good coffee with some friends. But we should!

A good spot to do so in Münster is at “Grotes”, a stylish coffee / bar / restaurant in the “Kreuzviertel”.


I had an Orange-Thymian tea and a cheesecake made with fresh goat cheese… quite courageous but it was good! They also have more classic things like milk coffee and apple crumble. Also tasty!


The decoration is in soft masculine colors, in grey, dark wood and black. Fresh flowers and it creates a cosy atmosphere.

You can consult the menu online here. Grotes is at the address: Kampstraße 26, 48147 Münster, Germany. They also suggest a “Kaffeeklatsch” time during the week, in the afternoon: all classic hot drinks for 1,50E!

For those who do not already know: “Kaffeeklatsch” comes from “Kaffe” (coffee in german) and “Quatschen” (to chat in german). So it means to meet for a chatting time around a coffee!

Photo credits: first picture : Grotes / second picture: Herthings


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