DIY: Paper planter

2014-06-15 22.37.39

I saw a lot of these planters made of paper in the decoration magazines, or on Pinterest. With the color and aspect of paper, it gives a natural touch in the room. Of course, the first reaction is to think: “a planter made of PAPER?? but plants need to be watered! And paper + water = bad combination!”. Yes but. One can also be ingenious…

You need:

  • raw thick paper (from a Amazon-packaging for example)
  • a planted plant in a planter 🙂
  • double sided tape
  • a thick and large plastic bag
  • a pair of scissors

(as you can see, it is an upcycling idea…!)

How to:


Piece of advice: if your plant is a spiky succulent or a cactus, wear thick gloves to manipulate it. And to measure the diameter of the planter, it is easier to do it like this:

2014-06-15 22.56.06Have fun!




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