DIY: designer mirror

You want a designer object, but it is too expansive? Sometimes, one can do it oneself. For instance this mirror, in the 50ies style, designed by Jacques Adnet costs about 530 euros.miroir-jacques-adnet-en-cuir-cognac-diametre-58cm-gubi

I made one myself for 45 euros. Boom.

You need:

  • a mirror “Grundtal” from Ikea (14,50 euros, reduced from 19,99 euros) with a diameter of 60cm
  • a leather belt with a great length: I found a 2m30 long leather belt at the fair of Münster (I did not expect to find it there!! ) for 30 euros
  • a good looking hook to screw in the wall.

matosSources: Belt , mirror

How to:

First hang the mirror on the wall. Then close the belt at the length you which, place it around the mirror and mark the place the hook will take. Screw the hook in the wall, place the belt around the mirror and the hook,  so it looks like the mirror hangs to the hook thanks the belt.

At my place it looks like that:resultatOf course you can use 2 belts of a regular L size and bind them together instead of using an extra long belt!



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