Let the orchids breathe!


The most plants we keep in our interiors mold in their pots because of watering in quite hermetic planters. Since orchids bear have their roots at the air (this is not the case for the most of the other plants!) and do not need so much water, I had the idea to let them breathe. So I created a sort of “cage” for them. Of course you need to plan an hermetic holder (a plate, a tile or waterer will keep the water off your furniture!) for the bottom of the cage. Here are the instructions if you want to make it yourself.

You need:

  • fine meshed wire netting
  • an orchid
  • a pair of sharpened pliers
  • Orchid earth with big wood pieces
  • protection gloves
  • a big bowl to handle the earth


How to:

Cut the wire netting after the dimensions you need for your plant (your cage will have 5 sides) and plan some margin for the top. Fold the netting with help of a straight border (for example the side of a straight wooden piece) in order to create the cage. Fold the borders of the cage on the next side to attach them together.


Once the cage is stable and the bottom also attached, plant your orchid in it. Be careful to place the biggest wooden parts against the netting, in order to keep the earth in the cage. Fold the margin to close the cage.


Place the encaged orchid on a plate or a plastic holder that will avoid water to leak on your furniture once your watered the orchid. Enjoy!2014-04-13 19.54.25


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