DIY: Loudspeakers makeover

2014-03-24 20.11.31

I had the chance to get loudspeakers for my new apartment. They were not new, had some scratches but have a great sound. That is why I decided to refresh their look so they better fit in my lady like interior… If you want to do the same, here are some advice.

You need:

  • old loudspeakers (that you don’t fear to paint!)
  • paint of the colour you wish
  • a foam roller
  • sand paper with a small grain size
  • something to hold the loudspeakers at some centimeters from the ground, so you can paint the entire sides
  • masking tape / old news paper or magazine
  • thin fabric the colour you wish
  • thin double sided tape

2014-03-18 18.19.10Good to know:

  • Choose a paint with acryl and not based on water: the last one is cheaper but scratches very easily and does not adhere properly to the support.
  • Be prepared: you will need time between to layers of paint and it will smell quite strong: it is better to paint your loudspeaker in a place you can air
  • Protect the floor from paint stains
  • Between two paint layers, store your foam roller in water: protected from air, the acrylic paint won’t dry and you can use the foam again for the next layer! (a half clean orange juice bottle filled with water is perfect for that)

How to:

  1. Protect the floor, open the windows and wear old clothes you don’t worry about.
  2. Protect the parts of the loudspeakers you don’t want to paint with masking tape and news paper
    2014-03-18 18.36.46
  3. Sand lightly the sides you want to paint. Be careful: you just want the base to become rough , not get the old paint away! It will help the new paint to hold. Then clean the surfaces with a humid sponge, dry.2014-03-18 18.48.16
  4. Bring the first layer paint. “Stretch” the paint on the whole surface, so you cannot notice any texture effect coming from this first layer.
  5. Wait until the paint is dry: it can take 48 hours, depending on the thickness of the painted layer.
  6. Repeat 4. and 5. until you are satisfied with the colour / finish of the paint. Make sure the paint is really dry before you take the protections (tape and paper) down.2014-03-24 17.58.30
  7. Now that the corpus of the loudspeakers is ready, you need to create an appropriated cover for the front. The fabric of my loudspeakers was damaged and I couldn’t fix it. So I chose to replace it. Begin by making the structure of the removable front naked by taking the old fabric down. Clean it.
  8. Cut a piece of new fabric a the size of the structure, with about 2,5 cm marge all around.2014-03-22 17.35.25
  9. If the cover has a brand sign, it is the moment to insert it into the fabric.2014-03-22 17.35.33
  10. Then tape the backside edges of the structure with double sided tape. Tight the fabric and stick it on the tape. Cut the left fabric.2014-03-22 17.36.22 2014-03-22 17.36.58
  11. Stick the fabric on the structures at the corners with a piece of double sided tape.2014-03-22 17.44.23 2014-03-22 17.46.10 2014-03-22 17.46.30

Finally, bring the cover on the painted corpus, connect the loudspeakers to the amplifier and enjoy!

2014-03-24 18.02.20 2014-03-24 18.02.31 2014-03-24 20.11.31


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