DIY: bring spring to your balcony


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Spring is coming up these days and I wanted to welcome it properly on my balcony. For those of you who are hardened gardeners, you can skip the following text. For the very beginners, here are some advice to let flowers pop up on your balcony.

You need:

  • garden box + adapted support
  • earth (check the volume of the garden box, in order to buy the appropriated quantity of earth)
  • small clay balls (for better regulation of water int the box)
  • bulbs / seeds

How to:

Display the clay balls on the bottom of the garden box, in a layer of about 2 cm. Then fill the box to the half with earth (mix the earth with your fingers to avoid big earth clusters). Display the bulbs on the earth with the distance indicated on the packaging of your bulbs. Be careful to angle the tip (where the plant will grown from) of the bulb to the sky and the little roots to the ground. Cover with 5 to 10 cm earth. Slightly water the garden box.

If you were careful with watering and the weather made its job, you will have flowers in some weeks.

Let’s meet in 3 weeks again!


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