New apartment, style update

Since I get a new apartment on my own, I can fully enjoy my passion for interior decoration. My budget is limited but I find that it is even more fun to find some tricks to obtain a beautiful interior without giving all your money away. Here are some stuff that are now to find at my place.

LampesDesignNoires1 / 2

Those lamps, for instance. One costs 99 euro, the other 750 euros… One is from Ikea, the other designed by Louis Poulsen. I think it is like to chose between a bag from Chanel and one from Zara. It looks quite similar, the price is really different and the feeling too: on one hand you feel happy to have something looking nice for a reasonable price, on the other hand you are proud to own a real designer piece… Your choice!

Since all the walls were freshly painted in white, I wanted to keep it clean and decided not to bring any colored paint. But white can be like “clinical” and one need to make it cozier to feel at home! I like the idea of the wallpaper designed by Michael Clarck (see picture below), so I hang several curtains I ordered by H&M home online over a whole wall of my bedroom. It actually looks nicer than the wallpaper: the picture on the curtains is a photo whereas the wallpapers shows a drawing of a wood.


3 / 4

I needed 3 curtains à 14,99 euro/piece for the whole wall (+ curtain rod) while a roll of wallpaper costs 82 euro.

With a bit of imagination a ability to seek the websites, one can find nice things, don’t you think?


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