An afternoon in København

I went to Denmark between Christmas and the beginning of the year with some friends of mine. Since we were there, we decided to make a day trip to the capital, København in danish. I found this town way more interesting than the rest of this flat land! One have to say that the half of the danish population is concentrated there. Sadly we weren’t lucky with the weather and I did not have my good camera, so the pictures are not really inviting… But still, I enjoyed a lot this cute city.


IMG_0067 IMG_0069 IMG_0072 IMG_0075

Since it rained this whole cold day, we found some warmth in the shops (see my post about the Illums Bolighus shop), for example the really big shop & other stories.

Finally we enjoyed a BIG burger in the Café Kreuzberg, in the Kompagnistraede (name of the street). They have a nice website, if you understand some danish…(there). The food is really nice and the plus is that you can enjoy it at the fireplace’s corner: mmmmh!



If you plan to stay longer in Denmark, I recommend to stop at Møns Klint, the white chalk cliffs are a nice decor for a walk along the shore. Check the infos about this place here.

IMG_0018 IMG_0021


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