DIY: Moodboard


The trend is to make a “moodboard” for everything: explain a project, decorate a wall, prepare something you plan to do… If in the past it was a pure technical term to designate an assembly of ideas that are related to the same subject, today it is not only a tool for work. It is also something a lot of people do in the domain of interior decoration.

For those who are not used to consult blogrolls or Pinterest, a quick explanation. A moodboard is (or what my interpretation of it is) a panel (numeric or as an object in real life) which shows a collection of pictures/texts/illustrations that are related to a common topic. Under topic can be understood a color or a project goal, an idea, the sea… everything you want.

I made my first moodboard tonight, it is showed above. The pictures come mostly from a Pinterest-board I like and from some advertising I forgot the source (sorry). I just used Power Point (yes, Power Point is my friend) and a trick: in the latest version of this program, you can crop a picture as a geometric shape…

What do you think? Do you find it decorative? Will you try to make one on your own? Are you already an adept of moodboards?


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