DIY: Paper set

As I explained last time, I made several gifts by myself for christmas. Here is the second gift I made for a friend of mine who just created her own enterprise: a paper set for the office, composed of a calendar, a notebook and a set with pens, visit cards and post it. It is very easy to do: basically you just need Power point, thicker paper and  a printer… follow the following instructions to do it yourself!

2013-12-17 20.47.03


You need:
– Power Point
– a copy shop
How to:
Under Power Point, set the page format to A3. Begin with a table for one month, for example january. Copy, paste and adjust the dates for every month of the year. Now you can see how much space is left for the illustration. I made the design myself with triangles under powerpoint, but you can chose the easy way and copy and paste a nice picture / pattern etc you want. Just be careful with the quality of the picture : do not chose it too low, it will be printed on a A3 format!

Let it print a the next copy shop, on thicker paper (about 160g/m2).

2013-11-27 19.03.36


You need:
– Power Point
– a printer
– about 20 pages normal paper (A4)
– a stapler
– a piece of thick cardboard
– a cutter
– scissors
– a metallic ruler

How to:
Reuse the picture/ patter you chose for the calendar to design the first page of the notebook. You will need to set the page size to A4 in the portrait format. Let it print on thick paper.
Fold the 20 pages simultaneously in the middle. Fold the front page you let print in the middle too. Place the light pages in the thicker cover, all unfolded on the piece of thick cardboard. “Open” a stapler so the staple can go through the cover and the pages. Staple the cover on the paper sheets at one and two thirds of the fold. The cardboard serves as a protection for your table… Return the stapled paper sheets and close the staples with a spiky object or the scissors.
Close the notebook and cute the paper that looks out of the cover with the cutter and the metallic ruler.

2013-11-27 18.24.53 2013-11-27 19.03.25

Accessories set:

You need:
For the support:
– Power point
– a printer
– cardboard
– standard liquid glue
– string binders
– thick paper (the same as for the calendar if you want. I used a piece of black thick paper)
– a cutter
– a metallic ruler
To fill the accessories set:
– some small pens
– visit cards
– a post it block

How to:
Use the cover you designed for the notebook to design the cover of this set under Power Point, at the format A5 (the half of A4). Let it print.
Cut a piece of cardboard and the thick paper at the same size as the cover you just printed. Like for the calendar I presented last time, use a cutter and a metallic ruler to cut out the little holes for the binder. Be careful when you bind the piece of the set: you need to respect the ordering: cardboard / thick paper / cover.

2013-12-17 20.34.37

Organize the post it block, pens and visit cards on the thick paper. Glue the block. Measure the size of the pens and of the visit card. Use thick paper to build holders for the pens and stack of cards, glue it on the support.
Note: be careful of the thickness of the accessories you place in the organizer. I chose pens that have a diameter equivalent to the thickness of the post it block and the the stack of cards. So when you close the set, is looks nicer!

2013-12-17 20.34.582013-12-17 20.43.20 2013-12-17 20.46.102013-12-17 20.46.16


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