Design house: Illums Bolighus

I went to Copenhague last week with some friends of mine. The weather was so poor, we had to hide in shops and cafés to stay dry! But it was not wasted time: I discovered my paradise on Earth, the danish decoration shop Illums Bolighus. It may already be known for the danish people among you, but for me it was a discover, and a nice one!


Even my male friends adored it! Because there you can see all kinds of objects, some clothes, accessories, furniture, kitchen stuff…until jewellery (!) made with good quality products on 4 floors, in the middle of the city. Of course it is NOT cheap. But anyway, just to dream it is a good adress!

They have a lot of nice labels, most already known from the decoration blogs and so. Like Hay, Muuto, Iittala… You can enjoy the nice catalogue there.


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