An afternoon in Saint Malo

I went back home for Christmas and wanted to see the ocean. So I went to Saint Malo and enjoyed an afternoon there with my parents. Parents do always know the spots were you can eat the best things with a nice view…! At this day, I ate the best pie ever at the “Bergamote” tea-room, in front of the cathedral. This place is also well known for the variety of great tea.2013-12-24 16.09.53

2013-12-24 16.15.262013-12-24 16.24.44

This is  an apple and pear pie covered with creme chantilly and parts of crêpe dentelle… and not to forget, the caramel sauce!2013-12-24 16.25.07Here is a Mille feuilles with hazelnuts splinters in the filling cream…
I think it is not necessary to precise you have to go there with an empty stomach!

For the digestion, you can take a walk on the city walls. I love the sunset there.

2013-12-24 16.52.41 2013-12-24 16.52.46 2013-12-24 16.52.58 2013-12-24 17.12.03 2013-12-24 17.06.412013-12-24 17.12.03

If you are hungry again after all this nice fresh air, scallops are to find directly on the street.

2013-12-24 15.50.23 2013-12-24 15.50.27

And if you like good food, you won’t miss the boutique of the label “Bordier”. They make really nice butter and cheese. For those who want to have a good dinner, you can even eat at the local next to the shop and enjoy their products directly in you plate! (The shop and the restaurants are in the street named ” rue de l’Orme”)

2013-12-24 15.51.28

Did I convince you that the british coast is as enjoyable in winter as in summer?


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