DIY: calendar for 2014

First of all: Merry Christmas to you all!!
Since all the presents I made for Christmas have now been opened, I can post here how I made them. Let’s begin with this customized calendar. Indeed you can chose the format you want for the calendar itself: I just want to give you some inspiration for how to customize the front page. It can even been applied to a notebook or something else.

2013-12-05 15.14.15

You need:
– a calendar / a notebook with a ring binder
– a cutter
– glue
– a metallic ruler
– colorful wool
–  thick paper
– a big sewing needle
– a pen

How to:
– Open carefully the rings of the binding, take the front page off. Use this front a template and cut the same shape in the thick paper. Be patient at cutting out the tiny squares for the rings of the binding!

2013-12-05 12.56.042013-12-05 13.00.33

–  Draw on the backside of this new front page the places you will need to go trough with the needle for the pattern on the front side. Cut tiny holes at the places you need to with the needle or another spiky tool.

2013-12-05 13.36.10

– Sew your pattern with the wool. Settle the ends of the wool yarn with glue. (knots will create too much volume under the paper when you want to write on it!)

– Replace the new front page in the ring binder. If you wish a nice finish for you calendar, you can replace the back page with a piece of the same thick paper than the one you used for the front page.

2013-12-05 15-1.04.14

Now you can enjoy this DIY for the whole year!


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