28 300 km, 26 days (Part4)

This is the last post I will write about my trip to China. We are now in the Province of Sichuan, and we begin with the city of Chengdu. This place is mostly know for the panda reserve it has: it is the only reserve where this animals keep reproduce in captivity! And I saw them…

DSC_0129 1

DSC_0138 1 DSC_0162 1

Those Giant pandas are less than 2 weeks old, and they are not so “giant”!DSC_0196 1 DSC_0164 1 The pandas of the previous pictures belong the most well-known panda species. The following one belongs to the red panda species. He is tinier but way more active!DSC_0175 1 DSC_0193 1In the city center, for the golden week (the week of the 1st of october), all Chinese are on holiday and come from the country sides to the towns. For this occasion some festivities are organized. Here is a stand where a woman makes some astrological images with liquid caramel that hardens while cooling.
DSC_0217 1

You can also get your ears cleaned on the streets…DSC_0231 1

Or eat tofu with grated potatoes:DSC_0261 1

After visiting Chendgu, we took a bus to the natural park Jiuzhaigu. It took 11 hours to get there! And there is no other way to get there (except by plane) because there are so often earthquakes that roads do  to stay longer practicable than one year or so. And so it is neither possible to keep rails in shape for train transfer. But the trip worthies it in any case!! It one of the most beautiful place I saw until there… We walked 20km down the river. I had no polarized filter for my objective, but as you can see the water was sooo clear that even the camera managed it to “see” until the ground of the lakes!DSC_0306 1 DSC_0323 1 DSC_0329 1 DSC_0377 1 panorama 2DSC_0445 1 DSC_0450 1DSC_0472 1 DSC_0482 1 DSC_0493 1 panorama 3 DSC_0535 1 panorama 6 DSC_0560 1 DSC_0604 1 panorama 5 DSC_0644 1 DSC_0676 1 DSC_0682 1

This is Yak-Joghurt… it tastes great!
DSC_0689 1

The day after visiting Jiuzhaigu, we rent a private car with driver to overcome the 4000m hight pass between the first national park and the second: the reserve of Huanglong. It is also breath taken!

On the way:
DSC_0705 1 DSC_0728 1

On the left: the part of the reserve we went down by feet, and on the right the road to come there:honglong 1 DSC_0785 1

Such calcareous formations also exist in Turkey, but are not so expended like those are. Moreover, this structure takes place above 3000m height in the mountains….!DSC_0829 1 DSC_0853 1 DSC_0871 1 DSC_0887 1 DSC_0917 1 honglong 5b DSC_0008 2 honglong 6 honglong 7 DSC_0055 2 DSC_0057 2 DSC_0061 2 DSC_0062 2

On the way back, we took the time to stop at the 4000m pass we drove through:honglong 8 honglong 11 DSC_0096 2

We finished our trip with a week in Beijing. We lived in the Hutongs, the best place to visit the city center by feet and experience the old lifestyle and the flair of this special capital. I did not take so much pictures from this city and I will not post so much there: the forbidden city and the Ti’an Nan Men place are widely depicted on the Internet. The following pictures were taken in the Lama temple.DSC_0131 1 DSC_0138 2Street food in Beijing:DSC_0168 2 DSC_0186 2 DSC_0196 2 DSC_0204 2 DSC_0207 2 DSC_0209 2

The Olympic campus by night:DSC_0352 2 DSC_0359 2 DSC_0367 2

A building (3 floors) full of electronic devices… paradise for nerds and geeks!DSC_0416 2

We made something not everyone did: we went to an abandoned part of the great wall. Indeed, one can go to the renovated and clean part which is in general presented to tourists, but we knew someone who offered to drive us in a private car with driver to this secret part of the wall. It is to know that you have to be in great shape to walk this epic way!DSC_0441 2 DSC_0445 2 DSC_0466 2 DSC_0471 2 DSC_0485 2 DSC_0488 2 DSC_0497 2

A dragon fruit on the way:DSC_0505 2

We were there: on the wall ,on the top of the mountain…and we had to go the “way” down too!DSC_0517 2

A panoramic view of Beijing, taken from the newest drum tower:DSC_0594 2As you can see, Beijing’s skyline is much lower than the one of Shanghai. The 2 towns are really different, the atmosphere is something unique in every place I went in China.

I will conclude with a piece of advice: I you can, go there. Take your time to enjoy the culture, the nature… everything is different there!


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