28 300 km, 26 days (Part2)

Hello everyone!

As promised, here are some more pictures of my trip in China. After 2 days in Shanghai, we took a plane to Lijiang (province of Yunnan). It is a very touristic city, with a large area of ancient houses. But the tourists are all Chinese and my boyfriend and I were practically the only western people in there!


Here is the patio of the hostel where we stayed in Lijiang. It looks nice, but the rooms were really poor!DSC_0288 DSC_0323

This woman sold the vegetables she was carrying on her back for 1 ¥ the piece. It corresponds to about 10 cents (euro)….! In the background you can see a tea shop: the discs covered with white paper is fermented tea. It tastes quite strong but nice, and the price varies with the age of the tea (I bought a 10 years old fermented disc in Beijing for 300 ¥).DSC_0326 DSC_0370

As it was raining, we stopped at a guesthouse with a covered flat roof. We had a roses tea (not a tea flavored with rose taste, but roses buds!) and a fantastic view on the old city.DSC_0377

Chinese live almost outdoor, even if the winter are cold and they barely heat their homes.DSC_0459DSC_0428

Residence of the Mu family in Lijiang.DSC_0478

Sweet pastries, steamed on a street food stand.DSC_0486

Market: enormous vegetables, all kinds and colors. I never saw so much sorts of vegetables at one time! Some kinds are not to find in Europe.DSC_0497

Yunnan and Sichuan are worldwide well known for the traditional spicy food. On this stand are powders made of pure hot chilis and other spicy stuffs. If you would eat a full hand of one of these mixtures, you would directly land in the next hospital!DSC_0507 DSC_0518

A shoe mender …DSC_0522

…and a local building supplies store!


Tofu from the street at breakfast time… Quite spicy!DSC_0268

These jars are full of wasted cooking oil.DSC_0277

Buddhist temple. The red bands are wishes and prayers.DSC_0293

Even in the bigger cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, women carry their babies in those fabric combinations.DSC_0317DSC_0342DSC_0345Wallnut pastries.  Delicious!DSC_0416I hope you enjoyed this visit in Lijiang!

To be continued…


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