Frenchies at work

21_ koralie _ supakitch _ metroplastique _ museum Gothenburg

Here is my dream job: graphic designer. Do you practice your hobby as a job? Do you want to? how is it? I will probably think my whole life that I made the wrong choice at choosing the way I chose. But perhaps one day, I will change the direction I give to my life. So far about me, I want to present you Koralie and Supakitch, 2 french graphic designers I admire for their creations. Perhaps you already know them, but then I’m sure you will appreciate to see them at work and hear the nice french accent in the following video.

For more realizations from Koralie, click there. And you can find Supakitch on Tumblr, his website is on process.

(The first picture of this post shows the two artists working on a wall of the culture museum of Gothenburg, in Sweden.)

If you are interested in watches as I am, you can take a look at this link: the brand “Triwa” collaborated with the duo to create 2 watches.




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