Necklace support

If you are a girl just as I am, you probably own a lot of novelty jewellery. It is not a problem if you know were to store it! I wanted a solution for my numerous necklaces, so I can easily see and get it when I need. Since I live in a shared apartment, I have to store all my things in my bedroom, which is already full! So I screwed a support on the side of my wardrobe, in the corner where my mirror hangs. If you want to do the same, follow my instructions!


You need:

  • short screws for wood (caution: the screws must be shorter than the thickness of the frame borders)
  • a picture frame made of wood (with a thickness of about 3 cm at the backside), the size you wish (in function of the length of you necklaces). I choses a RIBBA frame, from Ikea.
  • a beautiful picture
  • 2 metallic corners (to be screwed at the corners of the frame)
  • a screwdriver
  • as much screwable hooks as you have necklaces to hang
  • 2 hinges

Put your picture in the frame.


Screw the metallic corners at opposite corners of the frame, so it becomes stable.


Screw the hooks in the back side of the top frame’s side by Hand.

Screw the hinges in the frame, then in the wardrobe side or in the wall.


Hang your necklaces, it finished!

Note: you can stick magnets on the frame and on the wardrobe / wall, so the support stays closed.

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