DIY: nice cards

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This week some friends of mine had their brithday, and I wanted something special for those special persons. So I chosed to make gift cards by hand!

This first card (first picture from the  left) is the easiest. You will need

  • a DIN A4 paper sheet with a density of about 120g/m²
  • some masking tape with nice sorted colours
  • scissors

Fold the paper sheet at the dimensions you wish. Stick the masking tape as you want, and cut the end of the tape with a geometric shape. It’s done!

The second one asks more material but is also easy to do.

  • a DIN A4 paper sheet with a density of about 120g/m²
  • transparent paper (like tracing paper, for instance)
  • 2 pieces of paper with diffrent colours
  • transparent double sided adhesive tape
  • an envelope
  • circle shaped imprint cutter
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • a pen

Dismantle the envelope, and use it as a pattern to create new envelope with the transparent paper. Fold it, assemble it with the double sided tape. Now you can create the card: fold and cut the DIN A4 paper sheet so it fits into your new envelope. Cut some circles in the coloured paper with the imprint cutter, and stick the circles on the card with double sided tape. When your card is written, place it into the envelope, and close it with masking tape.

The third one is for advanced handyman/woman. You need:

  • a DIN A4 sheet of white with a density of about 120g/m²
  • a DIN A4 sheet of coloured with a density of about 120g/m²
  • a pattern with a nice shape (I used a picture of a koi carp)
  • a pen
  • a cutter
  • double sided adhesive tape

Fold the white paper sheet in 2. Draw the shape you chosed on the inside of the card. With the cutter, cut the parts of the shape which will make the pattern visible on the outside of the card. Return the card. Fold slightly the cut parts. Take the dimensions of the pattern in order to cut a font in the coloured paper sheet. Stick on the back of you pattern (in the inside of the card) with the double sided adhesive tape.

I am sure your friends will appreciate those selfmade cards!


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