Since the first time I came to Germany, I could notice something different to the city landscapes I knew until then: those high tours, build to permit the emission of radio and TV waves. The one of Berlin is well known because it is possible to visit it and so have a wonderful 360° view of the city. But Düsseldorf, Bremen, Münster… have one too!

Duesseldorf   fernmeldeturm_Bremen   FernmeldeturmMuenster

I cannot remember seeing them in France.

These observation lead me to this question: are the habits for watching TV and hearing radio different from a country to another? I think german people hear more radio than in we do in France. It plays all the time as background noise, and everyone pay attention to the news. I’m more used to turn it on just for the news, or in the car to hear some music. But not all the time!

Is there one of those tours in your town? How are your habits with TV and radio?


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