Girly culture

At the moment, I relax at home after hard working days with an old serie: Sex and the City. Did you know that the pictures of New York in Sex and the City episodes are historical? You just have to check this video to notice it: the twin towers! Moreover, if you are a real fan, you can certainly remind the computers the characters use. All Apple. But most surprisingly, Miranda’s Laptop really looks like the current design of a MacBook!

The main character is well known for her numerous shoes. My own  friends use to call me Carrie Bradshaw sometimes because I have a lot of shoes. (Ok, they’re right. But please, do not compare my shoes with the ones of Carrie: apparently the tastes for shoes were different in the 90’s…) The fact that women like shoes is emphasized, but no explaination is given to this phenomena. I can’t explain it myself. Do you have an idea? Any argument against critiques like “you don’t have more feet than I have…”, “you don’t use shoes faster than a man would do..”, “they are not enougth parties in the year so you can wear all the pumps you own!”, for instance. I just love shoes. That’s all. And they help me when I don’t feel good. Chocolate helps too…


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