Glass case for camera


Cameras are usually sensible to dust. You can ask every photographer, he will say the worst that can happen is to have some dust particles on the lenses of the objective or even worst: on the mirror of a reflex camera. Since I care about the beautiful reflex camera my father gave me, I wanted to protect it from the whole nasty dust! But I also wanted to display it in my room: it is a very beautiful object. This dilemma lead me to an idea: display my camera under a bell-shaped glass case. Those are trendy for home decoration and can be found in every decoration shop. I found mine at Depot. Indeed, it is better to know the dimension of your camera before buying the case. Do also take in account the height of your objective: if you consider to own a longer objective for your camera in the future, it could be that the glass case does not fit anymore!


4 thoughts on “Glass case for camera

    • Hello! No, I don’t have any video. But in principle you don’t need one! It’s just placing a bell-shaped glass box over your camera. You just have to find a box with right dimensions for your camera.

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