Juicy design


Today I want to present the object that woke up my interest for design many years ago: a citrus squeezer. I can seem crazy, but if you know Philippe Starck and his ideas you will understand what I mean. I heard this guy has more than 40 different ideas for design every day and his team can not make them all real because it’s too much! The citrus squeezed I speak about is named “Juicy Salif” . It was created in 1990 by Mister Starck and edited by Alessi. I promised myself I will by this marvellous object for the first kitchen I will own (and not rent), since I received a book about this designer from my parents as I was 12… Now you understand why I consider this man as a pope for design!

On the official website, you can see some objects he designed in the past decades. It goes from the tableware to whole hotels and restaurants. You will probably recognize the chair Louis Ghost edited by Kartell, or the motorcycle 6,5 for Aprilia. But I think you will be surprised by this building:


He contributed to build it in 1989 in Tokyo, for a beverages company… Crazy!

If you lived in Paris in 2012, perhaps you had a piece of his creativity in your hands… he designed the pass card for the parisian metro (carte Navigo). Design is everywhere, and I like to know someone had some thoughts about the aesthetic of the things around me. Don’t you?


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