The german capital is a mismatch of cultures and lifestyles. From one district to another, you will really experience a change of surrounding.

I have been in Berlin in January, so it was freezing! Nevertheless, I had a great week-end there. The first thing you have to know about Berlin is that this town is stretched out over a big surface: you will have to walk a lot if you want to visit everything on foot! So do not hesitate to spend some more euros for a subway ticket in order to save your feet.

I slept at the hotel Best Western MOA (you can book there). It is really comfortable and has a good location to the city center. If you want to visit the main touristic places like the “Brandenburger Tor” or the german parliament, I recommend to do it at night. I went to the parliament at 11h pm and then to the brandenburg gate. First the town is beautiful when it is illuminated at night, and you spare yourself the other tourists. Good to know: book your visit at the parliament on internet 3 days in before, otherwise you won’t be allowed to enter the official building (official booking website there).


Bottom of Norman Foster’s light sculpture, also the aeration column for the meeting room of the german parliament.

For the cultural side of Berlin, you also have to go to the “Neues Museum” to see the exhibition “In the light of Amarna, 100 years of the Nefertiti discovery”. There you can see the Nefertiti Bust!! The rest of the exhibition is also really good : you will discover objects of the everyday life that are over 3000 years old… I am still impressed. It runs until the 4th of august 2013. Details of the exhibition ca be found here. Be more clever as I was, bring your student card!

The well know zoo of Berlin has also a lot to offer, even if Knut the ice bear is not there anymore. His colleagues are also cute! Besides, I think I was there a the right time to see them sleep in the snow…in the middle of the town.


Then you will have to go to the Kreuzberg suburb to enjoy art on the streets: graffitis are there executed on 30m high walls!

2012-03-27 15.25.13   2012-03-27 16.41.51

For the shopping, you should go to the “Hackeschen Höfen”. A lot of hidden courtyards host little designer shops… loved it. Finally, I always enjoy a good brunch at the luxurious cafeteria on the top the “KDW” (Kaufhaus Des Westens) when I come to the capital. It is not cheap, but the view is awesome and the food delicious. You also can go to the Michelberger Coffee / Hotel for a trendy moment with a good coffee.

2012-03-27 14.27.25

And don’t miss the painted pieces of the wall which split Berlin until not so long ago….

2012-03-27 15.28.09

Viel Spaß!


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