DIY: soft light for sweet dreams

IMG_0009   IMG_0011

Since I have a bright lamp for reading above my bed, I needed a more subdued light for comfortable atmosphere at night. I bought a candle holder last year. It is thought to be hang so the spike looks down. But from the beginning on, I had in mind to put it on a table upside down (see the right picture) because I found it prettier like that! Since I could’t put a candle in it anymore otherwise it would burn the whole thing, I put an electric lamp instead. This long story to come to the point: if you have a beautiful vase or an hollow object that let the light shine through, just use a fairy lights to illuminate it. Prefer a system with a switch for an easy utilization and a socket so you can directly connect it. Be careful at 2 points: the bulbs should not heat too much and the fairy lights has to have a cable long enough to reach the next electrical socket from the place you wand to put you lamp at! You can find there , for instance.

This is a really simple idea, but I enjoy it every day. Do the same!


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