A radio fit for the queen


“Fit for the queen” is written on the first page of the Tivoli company’s website. The Queen has good tastes! But sadly I don’t belong to the royal family and I would not spend 199 euros for a radio.Even if would perfectly fit in my kitchen. I preferred to by a copy from Silvercrest several years ago for 10 euros. I think the design of this object is really actual and also correspond to the demand: simple shape, efficient and classy. If you follow the trends for home decoration, you could certainly notice the aim at scandinavian design: white, white, pure, classy, minimal. And white. That is why I could easily imagine this radio in my future -white- kitchen. And even if its not white or scandinavian at all because in 5 years we will all arrange our houses after the moroccan style, I think it could still fit. Conclusion: invest in simple shapes and efficient objects. And correct colors. Otherwise you could regret it. Perhaps. But I love to use my yellow duck radio when I’m under the shower…


2 thoughts on “A radio fit for the queen

  1. My parents own and use the Tivoli in its stereo version (model two). It’s a nice kitchen radio with a minimal design, the sound is great, even for the high price. However, functionality is very limited. Bluetooth and Airplay seem to be a must today – especially for a price tag of around 300 €.

    At home I use a Minx by Cambridge Audio – not made of wood, but equally beautiful, versatile and a great sound.

    • Hi Magnus! Nico to see you on my blog! I agree with you: sometimes products that are not from the “original” brand can be better, especially for electronic stuff.

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