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Since I know Münster very well, I decided to begin with this town for my travel collection. If you project to visit this beautiful town,  invite you to check the weather before arriving (it could be possible you need an umbrella or a fur in winter), feel at ease to ride a bicycle and also go to the following addresses. Just type those names followed by “Münster” in google and chose the first link, and you will be happy trip planners!

Where to sleep: the Factory Hotel offers modern and comfortable rooms for affordable prices if you book on internet at least 1 month before your journey. (www.factoryhotel-muenster.de)

Where to drink a nice coffee: “Teilchen&Beschleuniger” and  “Fyal” for a trendy moment, “Röstbar” for a real good coffee, “Nordcup” for cupcakes.

Where to drink a german beer: at the “jüdefelder Straße”, you will find the rustic “Cavete”, the “Blaues Haus” and so many others…

Where to eat german specialties: at the restaurant “Alten Pulverturm”, you can eat a Schnitzel in a Biergarten 100% local!

What to do during the day:

  • Market on Wednesday and Saturday morning at the “Domplatz”
  • rent a bicycle (see www.radstation-muenster.de) and ride the whole “Promenade” along
  • go see the castle and its botanic garden
  • visit the Zoo (entry costs 14 euros for adults)
  • Chill out and have a barbecue with insiders at the lake “Aasee”
  • For more culture you can visit the Picasso museum.

Also to know:

  • If you read Muenster and not Münster, it is the same town! Just check if it is in Germany, there is a “Munster” in Alsace…
  • Münster is THE city for bicycles. Special ways are everywhere with traffics lights and so on. You can reach every spot in Münster city within 20 minutes with a bicycle. So rent a bike, be careful and enjoy!

Pictures from http://www.muenster.de/stadt/weihnachtsmarkt/ and http://www.stepmap.de/landkarte/karte-muenster-171674.


2 thoughts on “Münster

    • Hello Erin! Your blog seems really interesting! I see you travel a lot. I would like to travel as much as you do! Keep going on like that with your blog, I will follow your posts with pleasure!

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