Eames chair & Vitra


This collection of chairs is certainly the most shown in the indoor decorations blogs I know (see for instance http://blog.stylizimo.com/search/label/My%20home). My mother herself thought about it for the new kitchen! She wanted the ones with metallic feet, which looks like an Eiffel construction. BUT we all in the family like to cross our legs under our chairs while sitting at the dinner table… what is not easily possible there. So we brushed aside the idea of Eames chairs in the kitchen. Otherwise I dream of THIS armchair:


I tested it, and it is really comfortable! Okay, the comfort has a price. That is why it stays a dream. For now. But perhaps I could afford a 3D print of it (http://www.fubiz.net/2013/06/24/3d-printed-eames/)!

Those models I write about are re-editions of chairs from the 50’s. So the design is not new! My question is: do we have to look back to the past to create a new trend? Like Chucks by Converse all stars from the 80’s? Is it then a new trend with old ideas? Look at the series “Mad Men”: everything except their phones are trendy nowadays… I can understand no one wants to go on the streets with metallic outfits and antennas like we imagine we would do from 2000 on, and that classic things can be really good. But where is the creativity? The imagination of today?


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