DIY: Plants display


Today I want to present you an idea I had to enjoy having green plants in my room without giving up a lot of living surface for it. Really simple.

You need:
– 4 screws and 4 and 4 dowels adapted to the kind of wall you want to hang you creation
– a wood board with the dimension you want (I have 90cm x 60cm)
– 9 metallic flower pots (or more if you board is larger) of 11cm diameter
– 9 screws
– a screw gun/ a drill / an awl
– paint for the board

How to:
– Drill the board at the four corners
– Mark (with a pencil through the holes you just made) on you wall the position for the board, drill and set the dowels in your wall
– Paint the board (wait it dries!)
– Mark the places you want to set the flower pots and stamp the pots with the awl, so you can easily screw them  to the board
– Screw the pots
– Screw the whole board to the wall.

Now you just have to choose indoor plants you like and enjoy the result!

Tip: think of placing your board on wall near a window, so your plants can have enough sunlight.


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