Devoted follower

Hello good mood! Oh yeah. I am like a child again, when I look at those animated cartoons! To be more precise, “Despicable me” made me laugh in 2010 and the second movie promises silly minions and a moving dad Gru. What I find really interesting is the introduction of  a woman in Gru’s business… Will she be as good at creating crazy weapons as he is? Could she be the girly version of James Bond for cartoons? Can’t wait to sit in the cinema with pop corns and good friends…!

PS: I just made a quit research on wikipedia for “minion”… Did you know this word indicates a solver and a typeface?!


2 thoughts on “Devoted follower

    • Ah c’était avec toi! j’ai cherché un moment avec qui ça avait pu être… cool! 🙂 Tu as vu le deuxième alors? t’en as pensé quoi? t’as aimé la Nana?

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