Bed culture


Did you ever consider the size of you duvet? Since a moved to a new country tow years ago, a could make an astonishing statement. German people sleep in their own short and narrow duvet, even if they are two persons to sleep in the bed. Save your own ass. As french as I am, I sleep since my adolescence in a 240×220 cm duvet. Okay, I have a two persons bed, but I find it fair! So I made some researches to ensure my first statement.

If you search after duvets on the  french website for ikea ( , the first products are 220×240 cm tall. On (the german website) the dimension of the first ones are 200×140 cm.
Moreover all the german couples I know, aged from 55 to 25 years don’t share their duvet. Since I discovered the phenomena, I asked them why they preferred to sleep this way. Answer: women always need a warmer duvet than men. My conclusion is that germans stay  pragmatic up to their bed.

Otherwise, german pillows are larger than the french ones: 80×80 cm against 60×60 cm! Can someone explain this?

Let us summarize quickly the scores: duvet : 1 point for the frenchies, pillows : 1 point for germans…


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